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About The NMC

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) is a coalition of motorcycling representative organisations, which works together on commonly held positions about issues where motorcyclists seek to change or influence government policy. It also researches issues to both inform campaigning and support the individual work of its members.

The NMC’s mission:

'Working together to help assure a positive and sustainable future for motorcycling’

The NMC brings together a broad spectrum of representative national motorcyclists organisations. These range from riders campaign groups, to motorcycle sport representatives, off road and green roads interests and road safety experts.

The NMC Goals

Research, inform and debate sustainability in motorcycling, and secure fair treatment for motorcyclists and motorcycling.
Provide single voice positions on issues of key importance to the motorcycle world as a whole.
Provide thought leadership on a range of issues that impact upon motorcycling.
Act as a force multiplier by combining organisations strengths.
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The NMC’s current members are the Auto Cycle Union, British Motorcyclists Federation, IAM RoadSmart, the National Motorcycle Dealers Association, Plantec Assist and the Trail Riders Fellowship. These groups between them, including their affiliates, represent approaching 100,000 individual motorcyclists and motorcyclist facing trade businesses.

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Motorcycle Decarbonisation: Government Urged to Rethink its Strategy

September 21, 2022
NMC calls for the DfT to take an approach which is genuinely technology neutral and to develop a strategy taking international developments into account, rather than imposing UK-only arbitrary targets.
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NMC calls on the Government to Start Delivering

September 7, 2022
Inertia over who will be prime minister has led to several policy issues relating to motorcycling either stalling or slowing to a crawl
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National Motorcyclists Council Opposed to Motorcycle Charges in London

July 28, 2022
NMC response to TfL’s consultation on expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone sets out the case for motorcycles to be exempt
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