Future of Transport Regulatory Review Consultation Response

The NMC's response to the Government's proposals for anti tampering. Also a response to proposals on electric vehicle charge points


Position paper on the training and testing of motorcyclists

NMC proposals for revising the UK motorcycle rider licensing regime


Welcoming Roads

A New Vision for Vision Zero


Covid-19 Guidelines April 2021 Update

This edition reflects changes made as lockdown is eased


Covid-19 Riding Guidelines

Version 5 of the Covid-Safe Guide


The NMC Launch Presentation


On Friday March 5th 2021, The National Motorcyclists Council held a virtual conference to launch the organisation.


Future of Transport: Rural Strategy


The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the DfT’s consultation on the Future of Transport Rural Strategy.


Public Policy Area Detail


This document outlines the NMC’s policy in more depth, considering detailed public policy in a number of areas which need to be developed as part of a Government Motorcycle Strategy.


The NMC Launch Document


Bringing UK Motorcyclists Together - Download and read our launch document, outlining the NMC's mission, goals, activities and much more; including the management structure and priorities.