New Government Strategic Group Focuses on Motorcycling

NMC welcomes new Government focus on motorcycling in transport policy.

December 21, 2022

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has strongly welcomed the announcement of a new Government strategic group that brings together several strands of policy activity relating to motorcycling.

The Motorcycle Strategic Focus Group, which will be managed by DfT and DVSA, will consider a range of issues affecting motorcyclists. For the first time since the Government Advisory Group for Motorcycling was convened in the early 2000s, the new Group will be looking at motorcycling in the context of wider policy. These include areas such as technology and future connectivity advances and how Government embeds motorcycling more effectively in future policies and road safety strategies. It will also consider motorcycling in the context of mobility, social inclusion, technical regulation and decarbonisation.

Importantly, as part of a focus on developments affecting road safety, the Group will also consider the training and testing of riders.

The announcement is particularly welcomed by the NMC, as it comes after several months of dialogue with the DfT, DVSA and other government departments, following the Council’s publication of ‘Motorcycling and the Future of Transport Policy’. This set of policy proposals was launched with the support of Ministers in Parliament in March this year. Positive activities by individual motorcycling organisations and the industry have also been part of the pathway towards the new Motorcycle Strategic Focus Group.

NMC Executive Director, Craig Carey-Clinch said; “This is a hugely positive and welcome step by the DfT and DVSA. It has been clear for some time that desired gains in safety are also linked to wider transport policies and how these impact on how motorcycling is treated in the transport eco system.

“Motorcycling is a dynamic part of society and transport. It is a transport alternative and source of leisure and lifestyle which is enjoyed by well over a million people today. It makes a positive contribution to society’s vitality, the environment, the economy, leisure, sport and heritage. Motorcycles already contribute to a low carbon future and their use reduces traffic congestion and pollution. Safety is a key part of unlocking motorcycling’s societal benefits and we are delighted that there will also be a focus on how the training and testing regime should be evolved.”

The Motorcycle Strategic Focus Group will hold its first meetings in the new year.


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